Bows for Babes

We at Midnight Mamas hold a special place in our hearts for NICU babies, nurses, and parents. For every purchase made, we will donate a bow to a local NICU! We can not wait to see the tiniest Texans in our bows! 
NICU babies are true survivors. They show us the power of faith, prayer, & emanate such a positive spirit. Perseverance is what they embody each and every day. 

One of our fellow mamas is sharing her family’s story which is near and dear to our hearts!
 Our daughter, Jordan, was born 6 weeks early weighing only 3 lbs 14 oz. Ready or not, our little family was thrown into a world we never expected to know. I will never forget the first time I was escorted into the NICU and saw my daughter surrounded by all the medical equipment. Just as the fear, helplessness, excitement, and confusion all began to overwhelm me, the nursing staff stepped in. The NICU staff and nurses were outstanding. The NICU, as we learned, was a process. Everything, from the two minutes of hand washing to the way you change a diaper, had a system. Over the next month, this would become our second home. We would have days of sadness and frustration as well as triumph and excitement. At one point in our stay, our daughter was nearly airlifted to a local children’s hospital. However, God intervened before that point and things started to turn around. One of the hardest things about the NICU is wanting to spend all of your time there. As we found out, this is especially impossible with a confused two year old who was left waiting at home wondering why her mom and dad were suddenly gone so often. We were blessed with a NICU that had a webcam system. At any time, day or night, we could login to view Jordan on a webcam. On one particular night, feeling a little discouraged and disconnected from Jordan, we logged into the camera and there was our sweet girl all dressed in a cute bow and outfit. Our hearts melted and happiness took over. The nursing staff always took extra care to decorate her tiny bed and dress Jordan in donated bows, blankets, and other cute items. It may not sound like much but medical facilities are often cold and harsh places. These little touches of comfort and normalcy made a world of difference to keep our spirits high. They helped us look past the situation and see our tiny girl for the beauty she was. Although our NICU experience has ended, we know there are families going through similar and worse struggles than we did. Donating these bows is our small way of giving a little back and hopefully extending the positive impression they left on us. Thank you for your continued support!
- Lindsay